Week #17

Christmas…. came and went!   I hope everyone’s Christmas was good!

Well…. I DID IT…. my final 10 miles (16 km) and 20 miles (32km) back-to-back runs!   Both on the TREADMILL….  Yes…. 20 miles and the treadmill….. hopefully, my last time…. I think this week is suppose to be nicer weather… so I’m going to try and get out for my last few runs…

What’s 20 miles on the treadmill like…. well… first hour of looking at the time/distance and trying to make 6.5 miles in 65 mins…. only got to 6.3 miles while watching news and ‘Last 10 pounds bootcamp’….  which was interesting….

Second hours was trying to get 6 miles in 65 mins…. only got to 5.8 miles while watching ‘What ever happen to….????’ — Saw someone from Welcome Back Kotter (there’s an old show for you!) and Luke Perry… then Tina Yothers from Family Ties (my favourite T.V. show from the 80’s)….

Third hour….. trying to just complete it…. and figure out how many more miles I needed to do!    11.9 miles more to be exact…. so by the end of the 65 mins (in which I had to stop for 4 mins to go to the bathroom…. left the treadmill running and ended up with .25 miles that I didn’t run…so… my brain was working overtime to figure out I needed to finish!)…. I ended up going to 4.97 miles in 65 mins with the stop while watching the ‘SING-OFF’— what a great show!

So… in my last hour…. if my calculations were right…. I need to do 3.18 miles and I ended up doing this in 41 mins (not great but DONE!!!!!) while still watching ‘SING-OFF’ and in the end the news…

So…. 20 miles in 3 hours and 56 mins…. not my best work but what do I expect???? Don’t to the time… don’t get the time (i.e. more training… may get me better time….).

Do I feel ready????  Well…. I think I will finish both races and get my 3 medals but I’m not sure about the time….  it may be a little slower…  And most importantly…. I’ll pretty sure my recovery will be fine…..

So…. long winded blog… but… I’ll try and to a few more shorter runs this week (I think the longest will be 8 miles (12.8 km))….

Have a great week…. ONLY 10 more sleeps till I am on the plane to Disney!

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One Response to Week #17

  1. Matt says:

    That is a great weekend of running! Loved the hour by hour recap, and fun tv!

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