Week #15

I DID IT!!!!!!!!

It’s been a rough few weeks but…. I did end up running on Friday (3.1 miles – 5 km), Saturday (10 miles – 16 km) and Sunday (today) – 20 miles (32 km) ON THE TREADMILL!!!!!  —- only 1 more 10mile/20mile back to back run!

Yes…. I ended up running the FULL 20 miles on the treadmill…. but I remember someone saying to think about it like 3 short runs 😉    It wasn’t too bad…. there was a few movies on that I ended up watching some of them or all (sad that you can be on the treadmill that long to watch pretty much 2 complete movies!).   I watched the end of Charlie’s Angel, most of Borrowed Hearts and about 1/2 of Santa Baby 2.   Gotta love the Christmas movies!

It’s only 25 more days till I am on a plane to DisneyWorld!!!!!  

Well…. this week will be interesting…. with 3 days of 5:30am – 6:00pm days and after work activities and kids Christmas concert!   Then…. I’m pretty much working from home till I leave to DisneyWorld!   I think my plan will be the following:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – rest and recovery from my Sunday run on the Treadmill
Thursday – maybe a 5 km run, some weights….
Friday – rest
Saturday – 6 miles (9.6km)
Sunday – 12 miles (19.2km)

We will see what happens!   Thanks for stopping by!

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One Response to Week #15

  1. Helen Ho says:

    Go Pearl Go!!

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