Week #14

Well…. if you are reading this…. THANK YOU for stopping by!   Sometimes I think I can put anything down and it won’t matter because noone is reading it!

This week has been ….. in one word….. BAD.    My daugther had ‘dark week’ (if you are in the Theatre business…. you would know what I mean!).   Basically, she was in Beauty and Beast last week (Dec. 3 and 4) and leading up to the show…. everyone (i.e. all actors) had to be at the theatre every night till around 10pm.   With my work schedule and her rehearsal schedule…. we were up in the morning at around 5:30am and not back till around 10:30pm at night…. it was brutal…. BUT she had fun and really enjoyed herself!

What it meant for me…. was I didn’t do any running from my long run last Monday till this Wednesday (Dec. 8).   I have a few days off and I’m going to try and run but we shall see how things go.   As I mentioned in my previous post…. my goal is to do two more 10mile/20mile runs back to back….   I’m pretty sure I’ll do one this weekend and then…. hopefully, another one around Christmas time.

Thanks again for reading….!

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One Response to Week #14

  1. Matt says:

    I read it! Sometimes you can have schedules muck it all up! We are a month away! Just think at this time next month we will be running for about 3 hours. 🙂

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