Week #13

Only 36 more sleeps until I am on a plane… on my way to DisneyWorld!  YEAH!!!! 🙂

So…. this week I accepted the fact that from now till the start of the race…. I will not be able to do ‘all’ the training runs during the week and weekend.   I want to stop feeling guilty about not getting everything in.

I should have realized from my training last year for DisneyWorld that with Christmas time, family and work…. it just doesn’t work unless I only focus on the running and I’m not willing to sacifice my family. 

Here is my new outlook….  With 5 weeks left…. I’m going to try and get 2 more 10 mile (16 km) and 20 mile (32km) back-to-back runs in before the race (hopefully, my last run will be around December 26, 27ish…. so that I have a week of recovery.   During the week…. I’m going to try and fit in runs when I can and maybe at some weights and hills.

This past week was okay… no more than okay…. I managed to do one run during the week and then on Saturday – 3.1 miles (5km), Sunday – 10miles (16km) and Today (Monday) – 19.556 miles (~32km)…. Yes…. I managed to just run shy of the 20 miles but as my husband said…. CLOSE ENOUGH!   

I felt like doing the Buzz and Woody race scheduled for Friday morning and the 1/2 marathon for Saturday morning and the full for Sunday morning!   Hmmm…. maybe I should register for the Buzz and Woody Race for Friday (I’m there anyways….).

The run today was good.   3:51 was my time and my mantra for the last 1/2 hour of my run was ‘PAY FOR IT NOW or PAY FOR IT LATER’…. yes…. I’m listening to you Jimmey Cricket!

This week…. I’m going to try and do 1 run in the week and probably pull back my distance… so that I can push and do another 10mile/20mile back-to-back the following week.

Stay tune for the results next week!   Thanks for reading!

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