Week #12

Only 6 more weeks left!

This week was a little spotty (more spots than I wanted).   It was tough week.   I really tried to keep in mind…. pay for it now or pay for it later.

I basically did two runs this week…. one on Wednesday…. about 4 miles (6.4 km) and on Saturday morning…. about 7 miles (11.2km)…. Reality is…. today (Sunday) was not a great day….   I think mentally…. things were not going the way they were planned and I was frustrated and left not doing my run.

I was going to do my run around 11:00am this morning but my kids had a few different ideas.   Then trying to readjust to do the run later in the day (around 2:00pm)…. when I could have done a run next…. I was not mentally prepared….   Too much on my mind…..

Not sure what things are going to be like this week (not any better than last week) but I need to keep my mind focused on getting runs in.   Thoughts will be do to my 10 mile (16km) run on Sunday, November 28th and 20 mile (32 km) run on Monday, November 29th.   The week leading up to them will be a few runs of 4-5miles (6.4 – 8 km) runs.   I am going to stay positive and make sure I don’t slip up and not do my runs.

Stay tune for the results on Monday, November 29th!   Thanks for reading!

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