Week #11

Well…. Well… Well….   It has been a better week…..

I did manage to do my 19m (30.6km) run on the Friday, through the fog and all!   Yes…. it was foggy in the morning…. really debated if I should go for a run but… hearing the words from my ‘jimmey cricket’… yes I am hearing you!   Pay for it now or pay for it later.

I ran in the fog for most of the time…. it cleared by the end…. finished it in 3 hours and 43 mins (not a great time) but I did stop a couple of time for a good 3-4 mins (to go to the washroom and refill my water bottle).   Also, I was trying to get to a luncheon by 1:00pm!

I’m not sure I am going to manage this week and my runs.   I have long days this week (5:30am start and possibly 5-6pm finish and then kids activities….) but I am optimistic that I will get a few runs during the week and hopefully the 10 mile (16 km) and 20 mile (32 km) run on the weekend.

Thanks for listening and watch for my post next Sunday/Monday!

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One Response to Week #11

  1. Lynn says:


    You are awesome! I know that we have high goals for our runs, but just look at the mileage you are putting in!

    Wishing you well

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