Week #10

Well….  what can I say…. it was a so-so week…  being in Milwaukee for work didn’t help.   Only managed to do 28.1 miles (45 km) in total for the week.   My runs were slow and squeezed inbetween kids activities.   My long runs were 8.7 miles (13.9 km) on Saturday and 12.9 miles (20.6 km) on Sunday.   I know… I know….. pay for it now or later…..   

So… my plan of action for the week…. since…. I’m going to be pretty busy this weekend and I do have some time during the week….. is the following:

Monday – crosstrain/lower body weights
Tuesday – some hills/upper body weights
Wednesday – REST, REST, REST
Thursday – 9m (14.4km)
Friday – 19 m (20.4km)
Saturday – light running
Thanks for reading and we shall see what happens!
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One Response to Week #10

  1. Helen Ho says:

    I like your Wed and weekend schedule : )

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